If you find a post that appears to be in direct violation of the Terms, please report it to us by using the report button. 

You will find a report button next to every post, as well as in each PM that you receive. Clicking the button will inform the Aspkin Administrator(s) and/or Moderator(s) of the location of the offending post or PM, enabling Aspkin to take reasonable action to remove such posts. Aspkin will make a commercially reasonable effort to take action but does not guarantee that it will respond to or will take action in response to all such notifications, and therefore cannot be held responsible for a failure to respond. 

Using the report button may be an effective means of countering spammers or others posting objectionable content. Reporting a post is completely anonymous, and Aspkin will not disclose your identity to the individual you are reporting, and will not publish the fact that you have made any report(s).