Ten years ago I wrote the first stealth mini guides. Those guides became popular and so I expanded on them and wrote eBay Stealth and Amazon Ghost to answer all stealth related questions that I received on a daily basis. I also started the aspkin forums which is a great community of very helpful members that live and breathe stealth. I put these resources together to not only save myself time but others as well. 

  1. eBay Stealth
  2. Amazon Ghost
  3. Aspkin Forums

What I’m saying is, I know you have questions, I know you need help, but please help yourself by starting with eBay Stealth or Amazon Ghost first and participating in the aspkin forums

Now if you are a StealthBook member, please post stealth related questions in the comments area and we'll be happy to help.

Step 1: Login to the member’s area


Step 2: Select the page of the guide you have a question about:



Step 3: Scroll down to comments area and post your question, we will answer it! This is where you can answer stealth related questions directly to myself and team. 



Post all the questions you have in the member’s area and we would be happy to help!